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Program Topics

Heads of major companies, organization leaders and seminar organizers all have the highest praise for Debra’s abilities, knowledge and professionalism.

Download an overview of Debra's programs

7 Secrets to Getting the Sale

In this action-packed seminar, you'll discover how to get prospects saying "yes" and what attracts clients to you. You'll discover:

  • How to have the "likability" factor
  • #1 expectations of your clients
  • How to read the buying signs
  • Listening for results
  • Marketing that drives clients to you and eliminate the need for "cold calling"

In short, you can grab a bigger market share.

Double Your Income in 4 Months or Less

Debra Pestrak will share with you the most critical ideas she learned from interviewing the #1 Residential Superstars in the country. CE credits available in CA. Discover:

  • Three key components for a highly successful career
  • Marketing tips guaranteed to improve your business
  • Latest market trends and how it impacts your future
  • How to build a more profitable business
  • 10 key traits of the Superstars - self assessment included
  • How to work less and make more
Read what participants have said about this seminar!

Playing with the Big Boys
and Girls

Read what participants have said about this seminar!

You'll master how to become a Kingpin in Your Space. Debra reveals the vital ingredients she gained from her in-depth 20 years of top performer research, interviewing Fortune 500 presidents, CEOs, and the #1 Real Estate Agents in the US.Participants will discover how Top Performers & Leaders think, how they handle themselves, and the steps they took to advance to the Very Top.

See what others have said about this incredible program

Excellence in Sales Performance

In 1985, I was flat broke and miserable. I was an average performer, thought I was doing well, but settling and not even knowing I was I dreamed of having more but didn't really know what to do to make it happen.
I was introduced to a technology called Nuero Linguistic Programming (NLP).
In two years, I went to the 1% of the income bracket.
I figured out how I did it and decided to teach others how they can do it too.
I will teach you those skills that catapulted my income, made me confident, and happier. They empowered me. Now you have an opportunity to empower you.

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Mega-Marketing Bootcamp

In this action-packed workshop, you will discover how to:
  • Get big market share in listings and have buyer’s agents running after you
  • Write an ad that draws droves of buyers to you
  • Create a real estate property marketing plan that sizzles and has you laughing all the way to the bank
  • In this super-competitive listing market, this great marketing plan will ensure that you leave the other agents in the dust
  • Open the Floodgates on new and qualified leads
  • Emulate what the best in the business do

The Art of Influence: How to Achieve Superior Sales, Management, and Negotiation Skills
Increase Sales, Improve Teamwork, and Create Better Relationships

In today’s competitive environment, the ability to influence others and understand what motivates people has never been more important. Discover ways to influence yourself and and well as others to take action. These building blocks of communication are the keys that unlock your power to get things done and achieve better outcomes for yourself and your employees.

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The Success Triangle
Motivational Keynote

What and how you think has a direct impact on what you get out of life. Discover how the triangle effects of Action, Attitude, and Awareness make the difference between success and failure.

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Embracing Your Power
Increase Confidence

Debra uses the five areas of our lives, physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual to illustrate our power and ways that we give it away, side step it, and back away from it rather than embrace it.

Success Secrets of the Most Powerful Women in Business

Learn how top women executives balance their lives, how they approached the "glass ceiling", what women can do to advance further in their careers, and how to work more effectively in a male dominated environment.

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Debra Pestrak entertains, educates, and inspires her audience members to take action to get what they want in life. They feel like it is possible to take their lives and careers to the next level. The participants discover what separates top performers from everyone else. Since the 80/20 rule has been proven to be true, then what is that the 20 percent do, how do they think, that the other 80 percent do not. They are learned skills, you're not born with it. Call Debra today to teach your team how to communicate more effectively to get what they want, to improve team work, to advance their careers, and to empower themselves. Let her show you how to play with the big boys & girls in life.

Debra shares her extensive research into psychology and business about how top performers act and think their way to success, along with knowledge gained from interviewing top professionals in the country. You will hear the stories of those who have made it to the top, how they got there, and what they did, as well as Debra's own stories that allowed her to go from telephone operator to millionaire. These skills allow you to have more control of your time; and develop better relationships, with the upshot of a happier life and actually getting what you want. She offers advice, inspiration and critical skills that provide real tools for real results to use right now.


Success Unleashed®, Inc.

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