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Excellence in Sales Performance

You won't want to miss this workshop!

The Excellence in Sales Performance workshop series is based on leading-edge, extensive research of behaviors exhibited by top performers.

Are you where you want to be in your sales performance? Are you astutely skilled at detecting how your customer thinks and makes decisions? This program offers a quantum leap in sales communication and these unique skills will dramatically improve your sales up to 60%. These are the skills Debra learned that enabled her to go from broke to one percent of the nations income bracket within two years. You will learn how to transform personal limitations into power.

If you're tired of spending money on programs that don't stick, don't work, then this is the program for you. Excellence in Sales Performance is a five-phase dynamic approach to sales training where participants learn to apply skills for beneficial outcomes in any situation involving persuasion - whether it is closing a sale, getting cooperation from an individual, making a positive impact on a group, networking, presenting an idea, or dealing with conflict. The learning is spread over five months, one day per month, to enhance and instill the skills learned and add powerful new skills to ensure successful closes and long-term client relationships. Research has shown that a one-month spacing produces a three-fold or greater increase in retention as compared to a day or even a week of spacing. This program will create a lasting impact on your life.

The workshops center around three specific characteristics common among all top performers:

  • Their ability to set specific outcomes, along with having an evidence procedure that lets them know when their outcome is reached.
  • Their heightened awareness of everything happening around them throughout the sales call and their ability to greatly influence what happens.
  • Their ability to do what is necessary to reach the desired outcome.
You will learn these leading-edge skills through a dynamic blend of lecture, demonstration, and experiential exercises that will allow you to:
  • Demonstrate the 6 ways to establish rapport and trust with the client quickly
  • Determine the client's most important buying criteria
  • Make your presentation irresistible
  • Develop questioning techniques to gather and use high grade information - save lots of time
  • Learn 4 easy ways to handle resistance quickly and efficiently
  • Understand and utilize what your client is really communicating to you
  • Adapt your behavior to any sales situation
  • Recognize the 8 key psycholigical factors that motivate consumer behavior

Praise from Past Participants

"This program was the most powerful, applicable training I have ever experienced and Ia m surprised how easy it is to recall. I've tried it personally and it is amazing."

"The skills taught in this program are as vital to my business success as anything I can think of."

"I feel much more confident in my ability to deal with all types of customers. It was a very significant experience for me."

"Debra is a master at teaching you how to read people. This program should be required for all sales people."

Utilizing Nuero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and strategies and Debra's personal sales success strategies, you can learn how to make the sale 90% of the time. Debra will teach you how she negotiated multi-million dollar contracts and never lost one. You will develop your sensory awareness to perceive what other sales people are missing. You will discover how to make it nearly impossible for a client to say "no" to you. Start getting more "yes's" in your life today.

Our communication choices determines whether we will achieve what we want from the interaction. Many of those decisions are subconscious ones. Wouldn't you prefer to consciously know how to influence others with integrity and achieve what you want in life?!

Benefits of Attending This Program

Acquire the #1 sought after skill - people skills.
Achieve the results you want effortlessly.
Influence people to your way of thinking.

Excellence in Sales Performance offers you command of effective "soft-sell" techniques that quickly activate your customer's desire to do business with you. You will learn how to:
  • Acquire an intimate understanding of your client's unique nonverbal behavior
  • Tailor your sales presentation to meet the person's decision-making strategy
  • Gain flexibility and creativity; creating greater freedom of action for better results. There's no such thing as a resitant buyer, just an inflexible salesperson.
  • Lead your customer to the mode you can most effectively sell your product or service
  • Gain enhanced awareness of your own nonverbal and verbal responses so you have a better understanding and control over the responses you get
  • Maintain the optimum state of mental excellence
  • Present your products or services in a manner that respects the customer's values and belief systems
  • Add new alternatives for situations where your customers are not ready to buy
  • Become an expert at recognizing when your customer's ready to be closed
  • Get your customer mentally committed "up front" in your interaction
  • Offer information in the appropriate manner for the customer to understand

The skills you will learn encompass leading-edge developments from in-depth scientific studies of top performers in varying fields. Increase sales, greatly improve your customer service, save time by communicating effectively, and improve the overall performance and bottom line of your company. You will be astounded at the over-all impact these new skills will have on your life - Guaranteed!

Debra Pestrak is an award-winning motivational speaker, business consultant, an expert on top performers, and author of the Playing with the Big Boys & Girls books. Ms. Pestrak was a player in corporate America for 26 years, working her way up the ranks from telephone operator to managaing a $20 million budget, and instituted and led sales organizations. She has researched top performers for 20 years and interviewed the top Fortune 500 business executives and #1 real estate agents in the country.

Call today, at 888.786.3777, to reserve your seat for this hands on workshop.


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