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What causes people to say “yes” without even thinking about it first? Discover the key factors that cause this phenomenon to happen. Using these skills, in win-win situations, allows the participants to use the natural triggers we each use, and are used upon us, almost every day of our lives. Pestrak teaches rapportbuilding skills and persuasive techniques that will lead to professional and personal success. These building blocks of communication are the keys that unlock your power to get things done and achieve better results for yourself and your team.

This program will forever change the way they communicate! You become more effective in your dealings with others, building relationships, and winning people to your way of thinking when you understand and use these skills. In today’s business world, the ability to influence others and understand what motivates people has never been more vital. In this fun and interactive program, Debra Pestrak shows you the tricks of the trade in the “Art of Influence.”

Participants will learn:

  • 13 ways to get people to say yes without even thinking about it first

  • How to establish instant rapport

  • Reading and making immediate use of the three "language styles" people use

  • Their main language style and discover the impact it has on others

  • Sharpening their listening skills

  • What influences and motivates people

  • Communicating effectively to get immediate results

  • The eight human needs that drive people’s behaviors and motivates them to action (In full day programs)

  • People’s values, attitudes and lifestyles and how they influence their decisions (in full day programs)


“Great! I walked away with skills I can use today.”
-- Kerrie-Ann Stidum, Culver Personnel

"Debra is a master at teaching you how to read people.
The Art of Influence should be required for all salespeople."

-- Dianna Jackson, A. G. Edwards

“Increases my communication skills with everyone!”
-- Nancy Hammer, CUNA Mutual Insurance


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