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Debra Pestrak-motivational keynote speaker

“The only thing standing between you
and what you want in life
is you.”
— Debra Pestrak
Motivational Speaker
Best-Selling Author
Expert on Top Performers

What challenges do you face?

Is it that you or your team wants?

  •  A Boost
  •  More Focus
  •  Education about top performers
  •  Better results
  •  A motivational and educational jump-start
  •  Increased sales
  •  Inspiration to take action
  •  To know what separates the top performers from anyone else
  •  Discover the common behaviors of top performers
  •  To establish rapport with your clients instantly
  •  To be more successful
  •  Make better use of their time
  •  Learn how to influence people in a win-win situation
  •  Someone to speak at your next meeting, conference, kickoff, or symposium
  •  How to leave a better impression
  •  Improve communication skills
  •  Learn the keys to be successful as a woman in business
  •  A speaker that is energetic and inspires people to action
  •  To have some fun

Then you've come to the right place. Debra Pestrak, an expert on top performers, offers insights and useful information. She relates with her audience members with her natural and engaging presentation style, using real life examples which inspire people to take action to get what they want in life - helping change the way people think, act and feel.!

With over 25 years in managing, motivating, directing others, personal success, and 20 years researching top performers, Debra brings a vast experience to convey as she energetically presents what it takes to play with the big boys and girls in life. She gives the audience real skills and strategies for results right now.

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Getting the Sale

The Art of Influence

Playing with the
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